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Is a critical path method (CPM) analysis the only acceptable proof of delay or should non-CPM techniques be accepted as alternatives for determining equitable time extensions and to identify concurrent delay Are prospective and retrospective time impact analyses (TIAs) or as-planned to as-built analyses more reliable than non-CPM based methods Are pull planning, production modeling, earned value analyses, labor and resource asage, linear scheduling, location-based schedules and other non-CPM methods limited to planning work and tracking progress, are they a means to prove delay, or they only tools to help prove or disprove portions of a separate critical path analysis How do the contract requirements, specific project considerations, and court decisions interact to determine which proof of delay will be accepted and persuasive Join us for a timely and informative discussion on the current state, and potential future, of delay analyses.
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From the loading dock to the data center, from the parking lot to the control room, from the reception area to the elevator system; wherever people or computer systems interact - there are "weak links"
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