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Therecommended initial dose is one tablet of BiDil (20 mg isosorbidedinitrate, 37.5 mg hydralazine hydrochloride) thrice daily.Regimens may be titrated to maximum tollerated dose as required,but should not exceed 2 tablets thrice daily.

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I also get really sick...but I think I found the perfect solution...I spoke to my pharmasist and he gave me a "transdermal" patch I can wear behind for ear for 3 day's....it was amazing..and I won't travel without one

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The results of these studies have concluded Zofran causes birth defects, particularly congenital heart defects, cleft palate defects, and kidney defects.

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No es posible la venta de estos productos controlados si no es prescrito por el médico

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In glaucoma, you lose your side vision while the reading vision stays sharp

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It is a trademark that is manufactured by a Venice structured custom of the same company name

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I understand that Celiacs can get very very ill even from trace amounts of gluten and you cannot afford to be careless with the diet

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