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Other potential side effects include loss of coordination, seizures and uneasiness
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Jede weitere Verffentlichung, Vervielfltigung, Verbreitung oder sonstige Nutzung — auch auszugsweise — bedarf der schriftlichen Genehmigung von MUTABOR Design.
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I was just following my Doctor’s prescription only to find out and felt bad about the medicine
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CATAPRES-TTS therapy should not be interrupted during the surgical period
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"Patients value things differently
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From the point of view of therapeutic applications, because of their potential uses in genetic therapy and blocking gene expression the bioconjugates of nucleic acids are the most important ones.
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Things like wine and beer may cause issues for the esophagus, leading to further acid reflux problems
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Your own advice seemed to confirm my findings
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All dihydropyridine calcium channel blockers, including nifedipine should be avoided if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant soon
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In one study, approximately 60% of patients with SLE reported at least one symptom of dry eye